Championship Cups Update

Important information regarding the KO stages

· The group stages will be followed by Semi-Finals and Finals, to decide the overall winners of the P/1/2 and 3/4/5 Cups.

· The Semi Finals will take place on Sunday 13/9, and the Finals on Sunday 20/9. SESCL to arrange the venues and umpires.

· Due to the lateness in the year, the SFs will start at 12:00, and the Final at 11:30.

· The team finishing 1st in the 3 groups will qualify for the Semi-Finals.

· The 4th Semi-Finalist will be decided among the teams finishing 2nd in each group. The runner-up with the highest NRR among these 3 teams will qualify.

· This runner-up will play the winner of another groups with the highest NRR, in the SF.

· Teams finishing 3rd or lower in each group can not qualify for the Semi-Finals.

· SFs and Final will take place under all normal SESCL rules (40 overs, etc).

· In the event of bad weather in a SF or Final, all efforts need to be made to play any sort of game, down to a minimum of 5 overs-a-side, starting at 6:30pm. DLS will also apply where necessary.

· Should no play be possible in a SF:

o The team who finished runner-up in their group will be eliminated, with their opponent progressing to the Final.

o In the other SF, the group winner with the higher NRR will progress.

· Should no play be possible in a Final:

o Trophy Shared.

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