SESCL - New Rules for 2020

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The League AGM was held on Sunday 10th November, and a few changes to the Rules were voted in for next season:

- Introduction of Duckworth Lewis method, for use in rain affected matches, via the Play Cricket Scorer Mobile App. (Committee to provide guidance notes at Pre-Seaon meeting)

All T20 fixtures in Ramadhan to begin at 2pm.

- "No Park Pitches" to be added to the existing ground requirements for the Premier Division & Division 1.

- Adjustment and simplification of the definition of a "Professional Player". If anyone has played First Class, List A or (official) T20 cricket within the last 10 years, they are not eligible to play in SESCL (apart from those who played SESCL prior to appearing in such matches). Everyone else is eligible to play.

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