Umpiring Rules

Every team has two umpiring weeks, in which they must provide four umpires.

  • Neutral umpires will be provided by the league to umpire Premier Division and Division One fixtures

  • Division One to umpire all Division Two games

  • Division Two to umpire all Division Three games

  • Division Three to umpire all Division Four games

  • Division Four to umpire all Division Five games


Failure to supply even one umpire will result in 18 penalty points deducted from your season total.

If a club fails to fulfil their umpiring allocation then a penalty of £20.00 per match not umpired will be imposed.

  • It is the team Captains or Secretary responsibility to obtain the name and telephone number of the umpire and provide it on the weekly score sheet.

  • Each umpire is to receive £40.00 from the clubs on the day of the match (£20.00 from each team) to be paid during the tea interval.

  • No one should assume a match is rained off. All umpires should call the two captains on the day to confirm the match is still on before they leave their town.

  • Teams are liable to pay the umpiring fee if the match gets called off at the pitch on the day.

  • Umpiring sheets must be completed on match day, and submitted online no later then Wednesday 10:00 pm after the umpiring week, and original signed copies must be received in the post by Thursday to the vice treasurers address, late submission fines will apply.

  • Fair play points must be awarded out of 10 for each team. Any score of 5 or less must be accompanied by a written report.

  • Please ensure Umpiring rules, as set in the rules of play is adhered to. This includes bad weather/light, match timings/breaks.


Overall Potential Loss: 18 points deducted and up to £120 fines. In addition you will start next season on minus 18 points.


Please note: All queries regarding umpiring must be referred to the leagues Treasurer. Therefore any queries regarding umpiring should be directed to him on Monday to Saturday ONLY. Strictly, no queries (phone calls) on match days (i.e. Sunday) will be entertained.

Mr Manzoor Hussain Tel: 07825346789 E-mail:


Umpires and Scorers (Rules of Play - Section 8)

8. Umpires and Scorers

The League Committee shall appoint neutral umpires to all Premier division games.(neutral umpires will be appointed by the umpire coordinator(1st div teams will be on standby if cover is required)

For all other Divisions teams will send a competent umpire to their relevant division to be umpired

  • Teams must contact the vice treasurer by Thursday evening if they find problems contacting clubs to which they are required to delegate umpires to otherwise appropriate penalties as defined by current umpiring proposal will be applied if umpires are not sent.

  • The allocated umpires must arrive at their matches before it starts. If for a legitimate reason the umpire is delayed he must inform the teams by 12.45pm of why he is late and how long it will take him to get there. If the umpire fails to inform at least one team that he is delayed, the teams have the right not to accept him when he does arrive. In the event of an umpire having informed the clubs that he will be late, arrives after 10 overs have been FULLY completed, the teams have the right not to accept him. Both captains must be in agreement of accepting the umpire. All applicable disciplines will affect the rejected umpires club as defined in the current umpiring proposal.

  • Any person acting as a neutral umpire at a SESCL match, and doing so on behalf of a club whose responsibility it is to provide an umpire at that match - must be registered as a player with that club and must be over the age of 18. Unless he has been appointed otherwise by the SESCL committee.

  • Umpires should carry their SESCL ID cards with them to the match. If asked to produce this it must be shown to both captains. If an umpire fails to produce his SESCL ID card he can be rejected. The card must be asked for before the umpire begins his duties, and not at any point thereafter. The umpire is not obliged to produce the ID card if asked after having started umpiring.

  • The said umpire shall have total authority over the game and his decision shall be final. In such games the batting side shall provide the square leg umpire and each team shall bear ½ the cost of the neutral umpires fee, as advised by the League Committee. In matches where no neutral umpires are present, the captain of the batting side shall be responsible for providing both umpires and must consider their umpiring abilities and knowledge of the game when doing so.

  • An umpiring match report will be submitted detailing/confirming results of game umpired and notes of any incidents

  • Any club, who fails to fulfil their allocated umpiring, will be deducted 18 points from their final total and in addition to that they will start their next season with -18 points.

  • Each team shall provide their own scorer.